Plato’s light at the Hagia Sophia

I visited the Hagia Sophia at the end of 2011. It is the most magnificent building I have ever seen. A truly inspiring and breathtaking experience.

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Picture: Peace in Books

I was reading too much with Nag Champa incents in Na Saoirsí, December 2011. The small room is fish-bowled and there is just enough light in. The wallpapers are bright orange with fluffy brush painting.


Music: Hold on

  The lead singer is a powerful woman! I can feel her soul, can you?  Totally diggin it. By Alabama Shakes.  


(Video) Surprising the hell out of my parents!

I booked a flight back home to Boston in March 2012.  My sister, the only person who knew of the booking, and I devised a clever plan to surprise my parents.  I put together this short clip to ‘Lovely Allen’ by Holy Fuck.  Watch the video and tell me whether you think Holy Fuck is…… Continue reading (Video) Surprising the hell out of my parents!


I Can’t Make You Love Me