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Video: Here’s Why #IStandWithAhmadis

Transcript: This world of ours is filled with horrible, horrible things, and sometimes these things manifest themselves through religion. Now, unless you’re hiding in some underground bunker, you’ll know that religious extremism and radicalism – combined with political initiatives – can do some pretty horrible things in this world. Now, there are people in this…… Continue reading Video: Here’s Why #IStandWithAhmadis

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What Muhammad Would Think of Saudi Arabia’s “Leadership”

Published on Huffington Post (February 24th, 2015) Leaders worldwide have sent their condolences to Saudi Arabia and its royal family after the passing of King Abdullah. On Twitter, US Secretary of State John Kerry called him a man of “wisdom” and “vision,” while UK Prime Minister David Cameron released a statement praising him for “his commitment…… Continue reading What Muhammad Would Think of Saudi Arabia’s “Leadership”


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