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Video: Here’s Why #IStandWithAhmadis

Transcript: This world of ours is filled with horrible, horrible things, and sometimes these things manifest themselves through religion. Now, unless you’re hiding in some underground bunker, you’ll know that religious extremism and radicalism – combined with political initiatives – can do some pretty horrible things in this world. Now, there are people in this world that contribute to and proliferate these things; there are also people in this world who don’t care about these things. And then we also have groups of people – religious groups of people particularly – who deliberately challenge these things. Ahmadi Muslims are challenging the religious extremism that plagues our world. Ahmadi Muslims stand for freedom of conscience, for freedom of speech, for freedom of religion, for human rights. All of the things that these radical Wahhabi and Takfiri groups do not stand for. You see, #IStandWithAhmadis (Muslims) because Ahmadi Muslims are part of the solution to the world’s problems. They are not the problem. They are a solution to the problem. #IStandWithAhmadis. Please support their new social media hashtag.

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