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Video: Here’s Why #IStandWithAhmadis

Transcript: This world of ours is filled with horrible, horrible things, and sometimes these things manifest themselves through religion. Now, unless you’re hiding in some underground bunker, you’ll know that religious extremism and radicalism – combined with political initiatives – can do some pretty horrible things in this world. Now, there are people in this…… Continue reading Video: Here’s Why #IStandWithAhmadis


Pope Francis I must address concerns of Catholics in Pakistan

Hundreds of Pakistani Catholics recently lost their homes and livelihood in a widespread arson attack in the predominantly Catholic neighborhood of Joseph Colony, Lahore. In response to the attack, Rohan Emmanuel, a Pakistan writer, wrote in The Express Tribune of the Vatican’s unfortunate silence on the plight of Pakistani Catholics and other Christian communities in…… Continue reading Pope Francis I must address concerns of Catholics in Pakistan


Commentary: Relativity and religious hostility

This ‘study’ conducted by the Liberty Institute claims that there is rising hostility towards Christians in today’s United States. But last time I checked, Christian Americans were not seeing their churches burned to the ground. Last time I checked, non-Christian Americans were not going into churches and shooting people at random. Last time I checked, non-Christian…… Continue reading Commentary: Relativity and religious hostility