What Happens When You Drink Guinness in England?


Video: La Chouffe on the porch with dad



Music/video: Irish man plays the tin whistle

Taken at a quaint pub in late May 2012.  We were in Glencolumbkille. It is a tradition for all newcomers to sing or share a poem in the sing-a-long. I sang ‘What’s Left of the Flag’ by Flogging Molly. Mel sang along with all. Great craic!


(Video) Part 1: Glencolumbkille and beyond


Photo-journal documenting trip to Athens and Santorini

I’ve done my fair share of traveling since graduating from college in 2007, from researching around the U.S. for one year with Ambassador Ahmed, to my own personal adventures throughout Europe and eastern Asia.  I’ve been to some amazing places, from the Château de Padiès in Southern France, to the hills of Honolulu, to the famous…… Continue reading Photo-journal documenting trip to Athens and Santorini


Playing soccer back in the day

Once upon a time, I was a pretty lethal striker on the soccer pitch.  When I was about 9 or 10, I had something like 6 goals in one game.  It’s a true story.  You can ask my dad.  He wouldn’t lie. I ‘retired’ from the game when I was about 13, right before I…… Continue reading Playing soccer back in the day