In Greece, a case study on Islam in Europe

By Akbar Ahmed Published on Washington Post (7/9/13) I have always been honored when asked to speak at the Friday sermon in a mosque. It is both spiritually elevating to interact with worshippers and socially it provides insights to the community. There are always many inspiring and impressive people in these gatherings, some of them…… Continue reading In Greece, a case study on Islam in Europe


Why Joyce’s Leopold Bloom still matters

‎’manufactured monsters for mutual murder, hideous hobgoblins produced by a horde of capitalistic lusts upon our prostituted labour. The poor man starves while they are grassing their royal mountain stags or shooting peasants and phartridges in their purblind pomp of pelf and power. But their reign is rover for rever and ever and ev .…… Continue reading Why Joyce’s Leopold Bloom still matters

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West African drummer/singer in Fira, Santorini

I visited this dude every day.  I enjoyed sitting and listening to his soothing rhythm.


Reading Plato’s ‘Apology’ in Greece

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My ‘Dirt road in Santorini’ video

I rented a cheap little car and was told ‘not to go off-roading’.  But what did that mean?  What is considered ‘off-roading’?  These are two questions I certainly contemplated before taking the car down a dangerous path to the famous and isolated Kambia Beach in the middle-of-nowhere, Santorini.  Would I make the car back up…… Continue reading My ‘Dirt road in Santorini’ video


Greek guitar player outside the Acropolis

I shot this on May 8th on a bright and sunny day in Athens. Of course I tipped him and asked for permission to film.


Photo-journal documenting trip to Athens and Santorini

I’ve done my fair share of traveling since graduating from college in 2007, from researching around the U.S. for one year with Ambassador Ahmed, to my own personal adventures throughout Europe and eastern Asia.  I’ve been to some amazing places, from the Château de Padiès in Southern France, to the hills of Honolulu, to the famous…… Continue reading Photo-journal documenting trip to Athens and Santorini

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Travels: Chillin

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The greatest view known to man?


Sunset in Oia

Oia is a small village on the northern tip of Santorini island.  It’s a famous spot for its sunset.  Indeed, that was clear when the people around me started applauding when the sun was gone.



The title above means paradise in Greek.  It’s where I’m at right now.


Travels: First reaction in Athens

The first destination I visited was Syntigma Square.  There were loads of young people gearing up for the protest which happens to be in a few hours.  Huge flags and large ‘pow wow’ groups filled the area.  I plan on watching it go down and catching it all on video.  I feel another potential CNN…… Continue reading Travels: First reaction in Athens


8 spots I seek to visit around Greece

On May 5th, I’m packing my bags, which will absolutely include one of my all-time favourites, Plato’s Dialogues, for a much needed vacation away from the cold and rainy (but still beautiful!) island of Ireland. It has been a hell of a few months with fieldwork and editing this Journal, so this trip couldn’t have…… Continue reading 8 spots I seek to visit around Greece