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New Documentary to Shed Light on Muslims in the U.S. Military

Antonia Bloomberg, who writes for The Huffington Post, cited an article I wrote last year in her new piece titled “Documentary To Shed Light On Untold Stories Of Muslims In The U.S. Military.” She wrote:


“Washington is a War Capital … the US is a War State”

A few passages from Kirt Nimmo at Global Research “The Real Network of Death – ISIS Atrocities Pale When Compared to those of the U.S. Masters of War” As Tom Engelhardt notes, “Washington is a war capital” and “the United States is a war state.” It is the “norm for us is to be at war…… Continue reading “Washington is a War Capital … the US is a War State”


Politics: How to spot a fascist

Dr. Lawrence Britt examined the former fascist regimes in Germany, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, and several Latin American countries and found 14 defining characteristics common to each.  Considering the saliency of several current issues, such as Congressman King’s ‘radical Muslim’ hearings to the influence of the media and rampant corruption and militarism, one has to wonder…… Continue reading Politics: How to spot a fascist