It’s Time For A Million Man March in Solidarity With Muslims

My fellow Americans, With Islamophobia rising in the U.S. and with Donald Trump promoting Hitler-esque policies towards Muslims, we must make a strong stand. The time is ripe for Americans of all backgrounds to join in solidarity with their Muslim neighbors. It’s time for a million man march in Washington, DC. Over the last few weeks, I have watched this country spiral out…… Continue reading It’s Time For A Million Man March in Solidarity With Muslims


US Catholics Question America’s Assent to Militarism

Long overdue in the American church is a reasoned and deep discussion of U.S. militarism, the proper use of force, the state’s responsibility to protect and defend, and the role of people of faith in all of this. To this point, Catholic teaching has had little effect in distinguishing us from any other segment of…… Continue reading US Catholics Question America’s Assent to Militarism


Film-work: Dubliners demonstrate in solidarity with Gaza

Thanks to Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign for organizing this demonstration.


Picture: One year anniversary of Occupy Movement

I’m posting this picture (which was a vetted CNN iReport) to remember Occupy Dame Street (Dublin) and the one year anniversary of the start of the global Occupy Movement.


Travels: First reaction in Athens

The first destination I visited was Syntigma Square.  There were loads of young people gearing up for the protest which happens to be in a few hours.  Huge flags and large ‘pow wow’ groups filled the area.  I plan on watching it go down and catching it all on video.  I feel another potential CNN…… Continue reading Travels: First reaction in Athens