It’s Time For A Million Man March in Solidarity With Muslims

My fellow Americans,

With Islamophobia rising in the U.S. and with Donald Trump promoting Hitler-esque policies towards Muslims, we must make a strong stand. The time is ripe for Americans of all backgrounds to join in solidarity with their Muslim neighbors. It’s time for a million man march in Washington, DC.

Over the last few weeks, I have watched this country spiral out of control. Islamophobia has gone mainstream. Some of my Muslim friends have reached out to me and shared their thoughts, views, and experiences. These aren’t easy stories to listen to or digest. No American – let alone any human being – should live in a climate of bigotry and fear.

I see great hope in this kind of march. It would be an interfaith, intercultural, interracial, intereverything march – with Muslims leading the way. Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists, Buddhists, Hindus… everyone. White, black, brown… everyone. A diverse group of people coming together to stamp out racism and promote constitutional rights.

America isn’t perfect. It never has been and it never will be. But we do have a pretty good Constitution. We haven’t always respected it, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t now. Let me be clear:

Banning Muslim immigrants from coming to America is Un-Constitutional

Creating a surveillance system for Muslims and Muslims only is Un-Constitutional.

Forcing Muslims to carry special ID’s is Un-Constitutional.

Monitoring mosques – and even shutting down mosques – is Un-Constitutional.

Firebombing mosques is Un-Constitutional.

Hating someone because of their religion is Un-Constitutional.

The Constitution gives all citizens freedom of worship, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, and separation of Religion and State. It’s time we start living up to our principles. A million man march in Washington is a step in this direction.

Organizing the march is a logistical challenge, but out of great challenges come great rewards. Perhaps a few Islamic organizations and Muslim student groups can take the charge. Behind them will be Christians like myself to provide any help they need. Key speakers from all faith traditions can attend and offer words of wisdom on why standing in solidarity with Muslims is necessary during this time of rising Islamophobia.

As I mentioned, I’m not Muslim. I’m not trying to hijack their narrative. And nor am I attempting to portray myself as someone who knows what it’s like to be Muslim. I’m suggesting the million man march from a different angle – as an American citizen who cares about his community and peers. Furthermore, as a Christian, I’m obliged to love my neighbor and work for a better world of peace and harmony between people of different backgrounds. Some people will claim that I’m abusing my “white privilege” or that I’m really just a “secret Muslim.” These accusations are part of the game as an activist. But let me be honest – my intentions are genuine. This million man march is coming from the heart and soul. Nothing less or more than that. I think America needs this.

I’d be happy to talk more about this idea. Please contact me.

Your comrade,

Craig Considine

9 thoughts on “It’s Time For A Million Man March in Solidarity With Muslims

  1. Oh yes! That be a very target rich environment and one that would give Americans the chance to send a strong message to the Muslims and those others within OUR borders who’ve chosen to side with them against us.

    Bonus points too! IEDs are multicultural.


  2. “Hating someone because of their religion is Un-Constitutional.”

    Is it really? I am not familiar with the US Constitution but, assuming Dr Considine is right, I think we should look at the supposed target of the hate, Muslims, and see where their religion stands on the subject.

    Allah does not appear to have any qualms about hating people for their religion:

    Koran 35:39 “.…and their unbelief does not increase the disbelievers with their Lord in anything except hatred”

    40:10 “…Certainly Allah’s hatred (of you) when you were called upon to the faith and you rejected, is much greater than your hatred of yourselves.”

    Furthermore believers are encouraged to follow the example of Abraham who told the unbelievers of his day:

    60:4 “….We have rejected you, and there has arisen between us and you enmity and hatred, until you believe and worship Allah alone.”

    These and other verses like it form the basis of al wala wal bara. It means “loyalty and enmity” or “loving and hating for Allah”. It is the Islamic doctrine which justifies the radical separation between Muslim and non-Muslim, not taking unbelievers for friends and so on.

    It is summed up in the following hadith:

    Abu Dawud 40:4582 “The Prophet (saw) said: The best of actions is to love for the sake of Allah and to hate for the sake of Allah.”

    So, these Jews, Christians, atheists, Buddhists, Hindus….why should they march in solidarity with people whose scriptures instruct them to regard the rest of us with enmity and hatred?

    Not only that but, according to Dr Considine’s definition, is not Islam itself unconstitutional at its core?


    1. Of course, the Muslims that are Americans and Canadians neither take those unpleasant passages you might cherry pick out of context out of an English translation of the Qur’an or the equally objectionable parts of the Old Testament, and use them as an excuse to hate; nor is Islam in any way unconstitutional in any way. In fact the founding fathers remarked favourably in their treaties and correspondence upon “Musselmen” frequently.


      1. Ah yes, the old “taken out of context” chestnut. Perhaps you could provide the context which takes the hate out of Allah’s timeless words. Or perhaps they are not timeless. perhaps he was just having a bad day and took it out on the kuffar. Perhaps he woke up in a better mood the next day. But if you think Allah’s words are timeless yet ignore them doesn’t that make you what Mohammed would call a hypocrite?

        It’s not just Allah’s words either, look at his actions. He openly boasts of torturing forever all of us who decline to believe in him. He tells me that he intends to roast me with regular changes of skin so I can feel the agony all over again. I call that hateful, don’t you?

        As to whether Islam is unconstitutional, I suggest you take it up with Craig Considine. It was he who claimed that hate is unconstitutional. I just pointed out the hate.


  3. I do feel sad for muslims all over the world with growing Islamophobia. I have two questions
    1 Why Muslims who are so fundamentalist or so sacred about their identity of being muslim first and citizen second … not go to a country which is islamic in nature like arab or asian countries and make it their homeland so they can live in peace with their religion, eat halal and practice sharia law.
    and why not any muslim kingdom or countries ever give citizenship to these muslims or refugee.

    They hate western lifestyle , the western food, the western alcohol… but have no problem flirting with western girls… even marrying them for residence permits.. and when they are citizens of the countries like America for instance , they start demanding better religious rights and shariah law to exist for them.

    2 I also wanna know if they are against terrorism imposed by their muslim brothers and they hate it and find it anti islamic… why do they not talk about it in print and on tv … why can’t there be a march —million man march of all muslims to show they hate terrorism and anyone who threatens America or any country they belong to then they will retaliate against that terrrorist organisation.

    why do they keep quite . I feel they keep silent because somewhere along the line they do believe in it and secretly want a muslim world where they can be appreciated better and then they can teach the kaffirs ( non – believers) how to live like a true muslim …

    this is bull shit… I know lots of muslim talk bad about America all the time …. lets not support coke or macdonald or jewish shops and supermarket … they are always on and on about that…I am not saying they are terrorist .. they have a right to their own opinion…
    but if they are not anti americans or anti —any country they are living in.

    Then they must speak up and show the world that a strong line exists between terrorist who are anti all other religiosn besides islam.. and then and only then we can believe that majority of muslims are against terrrorism….

    and for them the country’s solidarity comes first and religion second.

    When have we heard of any muslim bringing the terrorist sleeper cells out into the open and ratting out their own brothers even if they have slightest doubt they could be part of extremist groups..

    THEY DON’T because they secretly wish to have a one world with shariah law and islam as the only religion… only moderate people no matter of which religious groups you belong to should live in western countries…. if muslims hate american way of life and western way of life in general why do they go to these countries… to slowly poison and weaken the very foundations of these countries.

    The western christian world believes in peace and accepts them as refugees or even as economic migrants no matter what tricks they pull to get permits…. and accepts them as their own. but these very same people do they respect christians the same way… I doubt it…..


  4. Hi … MILLION MAN MARCH…. I understand we all must come forward for muslim to show solidarity…

    HOW ABOUT A MILLION MUSLIM MAN MARCH against all muslim terrorist.

    I have not seen or heard majority of muslim coming out and talking bad about terrorists ever..
    they keep quiet …WHY ?????
    because secretly they want a muslim world with shariah law….they want to show all kaffirs (non-believer) the perfect way to go to heaven …
    I have also heard muslim say that the solution to HIV AIDS is to become muslims. BULLSHIT!!
    If muslims do not want to be labelled then come out against your own muslim brethren and prove the others so called “KAFFIR” that you are not silently supporting the muslim cause of taking over the world ….
    have a million muslim man march against muslim terrorism around the world.

    IF muslims hate westerners so much why do they go there.. why not go to your muslim countries…because muslim countries do not give citizenship or asylum …..

    Christians of western countries believe in peace and they accept muslims as part of their countries no matter how much tricks they use to get their permits….. if they are so religious and against wrongdoings then why do they resort to such tricks in getting residence permit and citizenship…
    because for them it is not wrong … they are using HIKMAH as they say….

    I feel Muslims hate westerners and christians and hate western food and their lifestyle ,,, then they must not leave their so perfect world…. and come here … and go to their muslim countries..

    even people from INDIA, PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH….most places have no problemss.. if they wanted to
    run away even form kashmir problems why not go to gulf countries as employees instead of spending millions of rupees to go to europe…because the problem was not life and death …it was a good life style in europe.
    They do not like western life style and culture and food but have no problem flirting with western girls and using them for permits……



    1. Excellent point, where is the million Muslim man march against the atrocities committed around the world in the name of their religion (around 27,000 since 9/11 and counting)?

      It’s not that there are no such marches or demonstrations but they rarely attract more than a couple of dozen people whereas trivia like cartoons bring them out in their tens of thousands. Here is one such with demonstrators clambering over the statue of a national hero in the country of my birth. What could demonstrate their attitudes more clearly?

      And yet Dr Considine thinks Americans should come out in their hundreds of thousands to show how hunk dory everything is. The man is clearly away with the fairies.


      1. Finally…. some sane person finally agrees…. thanks. Yes truly muslims around the world have the resources and are rich not all of them are battling… check in any country most of the small business owners are muslims. They can make a difference if they believe in it.. They must come out and show the world that they hate the atrocities in the name of their peaceful religion.

        Only if the believe so…. but I feel they do hope to have a one world under ISLAM … and that they are sitting in the western world waiting to make holes in their own keeper… the country who gave them the dream come true… Shame on such muslims… If they do not wish to be labelled then please come out and face the world and show that there is a huge difference between peaceloving muslims and terrrorist and that they have full love and respect for the christian countries they live in..


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