Believe It or Not, Prophet Muhammad Promoted Women’s Rights

Women’s rights. Those two words aren’t often associated with Prophet Muhammad or Islam, but they should be. Here’s why… Anyone who wants to learn about Prophet Muhammad must learn about the women in his life. The Prophet led a community filled with active, independent and strong women. Khadijah, his first wife, was also his boss.…… Continue reading Believe It or Not, Prophet Muhammad Promoted Women’s Rights


A Radical Christian in U.S. Congress

U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert (Texas) recently suggested that the U.S. should judge its foreign policy decisions based on a literalist interpretation of prophecies and stories in the Bible. Scriptural literalism in any religious tradition blatantly denies cold-hard facts such as evolution and encourages naive absolutism in the face of scientific inquiry, among other issues. Interpreting the…… Continue reading A Radical Christian in U.S. Congress


Ralph Waldo Emerson on thought and the prison

Truth is our element of life, yet if a man fasten his attention on single aspect of truth, and apply himself to that alone for a long time, the truth becomes distorted and not itself, but falsehood; herein reassembling the air, which is our natural element, and the breath of our nostrils, but if a…… Continue reading Ralph Waldo Emerson on thought and the prison


Reactions to the Opening Ceremony

NOTE: Not sharing Twitter handles to protect identities.  British Pride yayy Imperialism, Destroying 3rd World Lands This would be accurate if the black boy was to be stopped & searched by the police. Then shot & killed by the police #olympicceremony Aww, they are getting nostalgic. The good ol’ coloniasist days This is what the opening…… Continue reading Reactions to the Opening Ceremony

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Video: Reading a Muslim Brotherhood response to Michele Bachmann

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