The day I met a genius: a somber reflection

Have you ever met or had a conversation with someone and thought to yourself: ‘this person is a genius’? This happened to me during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan in 2011 at the Islamic Center of Boston in Wayland (ICB), Massachusetts. One evening, while the largely South Asian community broke the fast, I found…… Continue reading The day I met a genius: a somber reflection


Year 2 of Ph.D. complete!

At least this’s true as it concerns the two terms of teaching, which just finished as of yesterday here at Trinity College Dublin. It’s safe to say that it has been a successful academic year for me.  I have accomplished things I never imagined I would carry out.  I have grown not only as a student…… Continue reading Year 2 of Ph.D. complete!


Successful minds in question

Have you thought about who you are? About where you’ve been? Of what you’ve seen? If not, when will you start? Ever so gradually or now? And do you prepare yourself? Take stock of your soul? Do you know what drives you? Do you stray from that? Do you take shortcuts? And what about goals? Do…… Continue reading Successful minds in question