The Paris Attack and My Racist Facebook “Friends”

“35 people dead in Paris. They don’t know what it is yet. Not sure if there were bombs.” That was the text message I received on Friday during my walk home from Rice University. Here we go again, I thought… My first reaction: the media will instantly assume Muslims carried out the attack, regardless of…… Continue reading The Paris Attack and My Racist Facebook “Friends”


Comparing Muhammad and Washington

By now you may have read about the recent article in which I compared the Prophet Muhammad and George Washington through the Holy Quran and Rules of Civility respectively. I have been attacked by many people for making the comparison, but here is a kind remark which was left on the comments section of the…… Continue reading Comparing Muhammad and Washington


Reactions to the Opening Ceremony

NOTE: Not sharing Twitter handles to protect identities.  British Pride yayy Imperialism, Destroying 3rd World Lands This would be accurate if the black boy was to be stopped & searched by the police. Then shot & killed by the police #olympicceremony Aww, they are getting nostalgic. The good ol’ coloniasist days This is what the opening…… Continue reading Reactions to the Opening Ceremony