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The Fusion of Sufism and Irish Identity

An excerpt from Chapter 5: “The ‘good Muslim’/’bad Muslim’ dichotomy” in Islam, Race, and Pluralism in the Pakistani Diaspora (Routledge, 2017) by Craig Considine What do we know of Sufism (Islamic mysticism) and its links to Irish mysticism? To put it simply, not much. ‘Mysticism’ is a type of spirituality aimed at union with the…… Continue reading The Fusion of Sufism and Irish Identity


Who is the Real Saint Patrick?

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day, which means that you might wear green, sport a shamrock, and perhaps drink a pint of Guinness. This expression of “Irish identity” is driven mainly by our materialist culture and the obsession that we need objects to represent our perceived identities. What’s unfortunate is that the real Saint Patrick is not…… Continue reading Who is the Real Saint Patrick?


Celebrating Saint Patrick

Today is the feast of Saint Patrick. It is a day to give thanks to God for the gift of Christianity and for the example of so many women and men who have been lights in the darkness for us, who have brought the faith to the ends of the earth, and who continue to…… Continue reading Celebrating Saint Patrick


A Different Way to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

The life of Saint Patrick, the humble man from Britain who escaped Roman slavery and brought Christianity to Ireland in the fifth century, is celebrated annually on March 17. Despite Saint Patrick’s successful Christian missionary work and his designation as the primary patron saint of Ireland, the day we commemorate his life has become associated…… Continue reading A Different Way to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day


Pictures of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in The Liberties, Dublin, is one of the great gems of Ireland. The Cathedral is one of the most important in Christendom, for it’s said that St. Patrick himself baptized the pagan Irish at a well outside of the church. I hope that you enjoy these pictures @CraigCons