Next Pope’s chance to improve relations with al-Azhar University

An opportunity for interfaith bridge building arises in light of a recent statement from Al-Azhar University, one of the most important centers for Islamic learning in the world. Al-Azhar hopes that Pope Benedict XVI’s successor will work towards repairing relations between Muslims and Catholics “based on mutual respect and understanding.” Relations between al-Azhar and the Vatican have…… Continue reading Next Pope’s chance to improve relations with al-Azhar University


My spat with the Vatican

I have an issue with the Vatican stripping Pontifical Catholic University of Peru of its right to call itself Catholic or Pontifical.  This stripping is bothersome for several reasons. The first reason is that it only further amplifies the reputation of the Catholic Church as an archaic, authoritative, and out-of-touch institution which tries to conform…… Continue reading My spat with the Vatican


Why the Pope’s snubbing Ireland

The 50th International Eucharist Congress is coming to Dublin starting on my birthday, June 10. The Pope, however, won’t be in attendance.  Instead, he will make a televised address, according to Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin. This news comes after Martin was kind enough to give the Pope a bowl of shamrock. Pilgrims from all…… Continue reading Why the Pope’s snubbing Ireland