My spat with the Vatican

I have an issue with the Vatican stripping Pontifical Catholic University of Peru of its right to call itself Catholic or Pontifical.  This stripping is bothersome for several reasons.

The first reason is that it only further amplifies the reputation of the Catholic Church as an archaic, authoritative, and out-of-touch institution which tries to conform its global community to the beliefs of its ‘leaders’.

The second and related reason is that the Vatican is attempting to oppress the plethora of Catholic identities, and how they are lived.  It seems that this mission to try and homogenize is futile because Catholics have different needs and tendencies depending on their biography and culture.

Ultimately the Vatican’s stripping of Pontifical Catholic University’s right to call itself Catholic is about what it actually means to be Catholic.  Being Catholic in the Vatican might mean something much different for a young Catholic Peruvian in the countryside.  My suggestion here is that the Vatican would be wise to emphasize integration and not assimilation.

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