Controversial Video About Race in the European Union

I stumbled across a video that is quite bothersome and, at least for me, bordering on the downright xenophobic.

The video starts with a young, white European woman in an empty and run-down building.  The woman looks suspicious and somewhat paranoid of her surroundings.

Out of nowhere pops what appears to be a ninja.  This man, who is certainly supposed to be from somewhere in Asia, leaps down from the ceiling and begins making threatening gestures towards the white, European woman.

Next pops up another man who looks like he might be Persian (at least by what we see with his dress).  The man is holding a sword, which undoubtedly gives off an ‘Islamic’ aura.  This man also makes startling and violent gestures towards the woman, swiping his sword back and forth in her direction.

Then a muscular Black man charges through a wall and begins making aggressive gestures towards the white, European woman.

The three men then approach the woman, who subsequently floats into some type of meditative state.

All of a sudden, the white, European woman multiplies by 12 and then encircles the Asian, Persian and Black man.

The three men then put away their weapons and sit down with the 12 women, who transform into the stars of the European Union flag.

My question: what are the hidden and underlying messages in this video?

I am interested to know your interpretation of this video.

5 thoughts on “Controversial Video About Race in the European Union

  1. “The more we are the stronger we are” makes me think they would like to let Turkey in. Which would be odd considering this video makes it seem they want more people who look European. There are crazy people with swords in Europe and non-violent people in the rest of the world. The only way you can comuniate this type of xenophobic message is to over simplify the issue which is particularly dangerous for the person who’s not very politically engaged but will still show up to vote.


  2. it makes me feel really uncomfortable. that video is almost like i joke. i dont really get what exactly they are trying to convey in its message… ok well that there is ‘strength in numbers’… but they surely could have done that in a way that didn’t rely on strong stereotypes…
    I can see why it was taken down… :/


  3. I think it is saying that no matter what our colour, creed or culture we can all work and unite together and need not threaten or feel threatened by each other.


  4. It says the more we are the stronger we are, which is the ads intention but is that what it’s really saying? Each of the men who approach the lone white woman is of a different ethnicity to her, and each approaches her not with education or technology but with skills that perhaps are peculiar to the particular race i.e., martial arts. Also each man represents parts of the world that is seen as some sort of parasitic dependent or a threat.

    After each skilled is displayed, the lone white woman goes into some sort of meditative state and multiplies and surrounds the men. Each man is now pacified; he puts ‘away’ his ‘skill’ and sits on the floor, appearing submissive, compliant and non-aggressive. She finally sits, as she now has everything under control as she has managed to reduce tension and make sure everyone is calm. The EU can accommodate everyone – provided they are trans-formable, co-operative and willing to work together.


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