Quoted in Teenage Kicks

A few weeks ago I posted about being quoted in the University Times Magazine at Trinity College Dublin.  At the time I didn’t have a copy of the article.  It has just been released online.  Here is an interesting excerpt:

There is a given code of conduct which everyone seems to unquestioningly abide to. As Rihanna blares out of the sound system, young girls in bodycon dresses gyrate their hips and throw seductive shapes, puckering their lips and whipping their straightened hair. They seem to see themselves as sexually empowered by this, as they sing along to lyrics such as ‘suck my cockiness, make my persuasion’. The young men approach the girls with an air of macho-ism, standing prostrate, broadening their shoulders and approaching the girls with an air of confidence and dominance, persistently, sometimes forcefully, grabbing at anonymous hips until their choice gives in. Gender roles are enforced by the music issuing from the DJ’s speakers, identity is defined by sexuality, and popularity is sexual confidence.

To read more (and see my interview) click here.

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