Commentary: Breivik and the relativity of insanity

Anders Behring Breivik, the man who went on a ruthless murder-spree which killed over 70 people (mostly youth) in Utoeya, Norway, has recently gone on trial.

Breivik has justified his actions by claiming that those he killed were like ‘criminals’ for showing their support for a Norwegian political party, Labour, that promotes multicultural policies.

The main concern in Breivik’s life appeared to be the ‘Muslim takeover’ of Norway and the preservation of Norway’s ‘Christian identity‘.

I’m still following Breivik’s case because his future depends upon whether the court finds him ‘criminally insane’ or not.  If he’s found to be so, he faces psychiatric care; if he’s found mentally stable, he will be jailed.

Take this one basic fact which highlights the angle in which I see Breivik”s case: Muslims make up no more than 3% of Norway’s population.


And yet Breivik’s claiming that Muslims are taking over in Norway?  What!?

If his claims (and actions) aren’t insane, what’s ‘insanity’?

If he isn’t insane, who’s insane?

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