Politics: Call James Holmes what he is – a TERRORIST

To suggest otherwise and insist that acts of terrorism must be premised on an established ideology or discernible beliefs would be to place subjective motivation above objective action. It would be to posit, in effect, that the “terrorism” definition applies without question to those who claim some allegiance to radical Islam, regardless of their psychological…… Continue reading Politics: Call James Holmes what he is – a TERRORIST


Picture: Freud’s study in London


How You Could Be Racist and Not Even Know It

Derald Wing Sue et al. (2007) posit that micro-aggression racism is: a contemporary form of racism that is invisible, unintentional, subtle in nature, and typically outside the levels of conscious awareness, but it creates a hostile and invalidating climate nonetheless.  According to Sue and Colleagues, the cumulative of micro-aggressions may be just as harmful as…… Continue reading How You Could Be Racist and Not Even Know It



Arrogant, and a know-it-all, who cannot be taught anything. * Indifferent, spiritually empty, dictated by relativism. * Empty, on the inside, seeking perfection on the outside, * Lonely, insecure, with no direction. * Veering, losing sight of family, running from relationships that matter. * Selfish, closing in on the self, the ego and the cliques. * Broken,…… Continue reading Evolution


Nafs and the stages of ‘self’

The Arabic word nafs is variously translated as ‘soul’, ‘self’, or ‘ego’.  The nafs has seven levels or stages of development that correspond more or less to the seven stages of the Sufi Path.  The Path, which leads to a transformation of consciousness, can therefore be described as the refinement and purification of the soul.  The seven…… Continue reading Nafs and the stages of ‘self’


A clever little video to answer ‘what is social science?’

Source: You Tube Soomo Publishing’s ‘Animated Introduction to Social Science’ defines the broad-spectrum discipline of social science. You can see more of Soomo Publishing’s educational videos by visiting


Commentary: Breivik and the relativity of insanity

Anders Behring Breivik, the man who went on a ruthless murder-spree which killed over 70 people (mostly youth) in Utoeya, Norway, has recently gone on trial. Breivik has justified his actions by claiming that those he killed were like ‘criminals’ for showing their support for a Norwegian political party, Labour, that promotes multicultural policies. The main…… Continue reading Commentary: Breivik and the relativity of insanity