Stand by 60 Minutes for report on Israel’s occupation and persecution of Christians

I just received an e-mail requesting that I stand by 60 Minutes, which is under attack for airing a report which was critical of Israel’s occupation and its persecution of Christians.  The e-mail from a leader at Jewish Voices for Peace read as follows:

This week, something rare happened: A major U.S. media outlet actually showed the effects of the Israeli occupation on Palestinians.  But the candid reporting by “60 Minutes”, America’s most respected news program, has unleashed a furious response from major Jewish and right-wing Christian groups. They’ve generated over 29,000 letters of complaint — many before the episode even aired.
I hope you will join me in signing the petition to stand by 60 Minutes.  However, I suggest you watch the video before signing so you can form your own opinion on this important matter.

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