It’s dangerous stuff when the US arms Italian drones

Drone warfare, especially the US’s illegal use of it in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has bothered me greatly since I first started writing about it for World Can’t Wait in 2010.  As it is with others, my main concern with the use of drone warfare is that drones more often than not kill civilians and not the so-called ‘bad guys’.  In-turn, the murder of civilians creates more enemies than friends and alienates future generations of Afghans and Pakistanis.  Subsequently, also bothersome for me is proliferation of drone warfare.  It’s common knowledge that the U.K. and Israel also use drones in their ‘defense’, but now a recent story has broke that the Obama administration is planning on arming Italy’s fleet of Reaper drone aircraft with missiles and laser-guided bombs.  So, now that Italy is on the brink of receiving US missiles and laser-guided bombs, the problem then becomes the ‘domino effect’.  Do other countries in NATO follow suit in their request to the US?  Another genuine fear is that the US is banking off of Eisenhower’s infamous ‘military industrial complex‘, in that proliferating drone warfare helps US drone manufacturers, but so fuels the vicious cycle of warfare = business.

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