Saluting Muslim American Patriots

Published on Huffington Post Religion (April 10th 2015) The so-called “Islamic extremism” spreading across the Middle East has given new life to American patriotism. A YouGov poll from 2013 shows that 44 percent of American citizens question the loyalty that Muslims have to the U.S. The poll showed that older Americans and those who vote…… Continue reading Saluting Muslim American Patriots


Obama Takes a Commanding Lead Over Bush in Countries Bombed


Reaching the “Most Dangerous Place in the World”

I’m very happy to announce that the latest One Film 9/11 article, ‘What would America’s founding fathers say about Islam’, has been published in The Frontier Post in Khyber Pakhtunkwha. Click HERE to access the article. This is an especially important publication because it reaches in area of the world which has been fundamentally impacted…… Continue reading Reaching the “Most Dangerous Place in the World”


Important quote on the Pashtuns

‘These are the Pashtun Tribes… The Afghans have never been defeated in history — they will destroy themselves. You blow up their villages, destroy their families, but they are very much like the Americans — they believe in independence and freedom… Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of India, once said, ‘Waziristan is beyond control. What they need…… Continue reading Important quote on the Pashtuns


Failing democracies and rationality

It is early, not too early, on the morning of the tenth of January.  I have been, unfortunately, neglecting this journal mostly because of time with friends and our extravagant journey’s.  Tomorrow morning, I head to Amsterdam. The purpose of this entry is to recap events of yesterday, for there are surely many.  I am…… Continue reading Failing democracies and rationality


A gross double-standard

When Afghan or Pakistani civilians are murdered by drone strikes, US bangs on about ‘collateral damage’, but when Syrian civilians are murdered by Assad regime/militias, US cries about ‘war crimes’. Let’s not forget that a war crime is a war crime is a war crime, regardless of the context in which war crimes are committed.…… Continue reading A gross double-standard


It’s dangerous stuff when the US arms Italian drones

Drone warfare, especially the US’s illegal use of it in Afghanistan and Pakistan, has bothered me greatly since I first started writing about it for World Can’t Wait in 2010.  As it is with others, my main concern with the use of drone warfare is that drones more often than not kill civilians and not the…… Continue reading It’s dangerous stuff when the US arms Italian drones


Margolis on the clear defeat in Afghanistan

One of my favourite journalists, Eric Margolis, recently published a piece titled ‘Facing the Writing on the Wall in Kabul’.  Here is an excerpt.  Link to article below. The objective of war is to achieve political goals, not kill people. The US goal was to turn Afghanistan into a protectorate providing bases close to Caspian…… Continue reading Margolis on the clear defeat in Afghanistan