My point on the Che Guevara statue in Galway

The head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida is, amazingly, telling the people of Galway to not erect a Che Guevara Memorial statue.

Florida, I should note, is roughly 4,000 miles away from Galway.

And Che, if you aren’t aware, has Irish roots with the Lynch family (of Galway).

Now, my beef with Ros-Lehtinen is not in her hatred of Che.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Some think he’s a terrorist, others a freedom fighter.

So be it.

My concern with Ros-Lehtinen is her ‘moral’ position as it concerns the Che statue.

If Ros-Lehtinen takes the stand that Che is a monster, she is obligated, morally, to also take the same stance with the American equivalent of Che (if we are to compare Che to another figure in a negative way).

Say, for example, former President Andrew Jackson, who is, undoubtedly, guilty of genocide/ethnic cleansing against the original inhabitants, the Cherokees, of what is now southeastern North America.

Many Cherokees, in fact, once called modern-day Florida, the state which Ros-Lehtinen represents, their ancestral homeland.

If Ros-Lehtinen wants to put an end to the proposed Che statue, and if she wants to take the ‘moral high ground’ card, she should stick to her ‘morals’ and change every single Jackson city, town, and county to a name other than JACKSON.  We should also destroy all Andrew Jackson statues across the USA.

Her crusade to stop the Che statue from going up would then make a bit more sense.

More importantly, as concerned Americans, we should tell Ros-Lehtinen to mind her own business and work on domestic issues before minuscule, foreign ones.

Doesn’t she have bigger things on her plate to worry about other than the erection of a statue for a rebel who fought against colonial oppression in a country that has a history of rebels who fought against colonialism?


One thought on “My point on the Che Guevara statue in Galway

  1. There is a small army of Reich-wing ex-Cuban gusano hucksters who make their living and ease their bitterness by spreading unfounded fantasist nonsense in an attempt to smear Che Guevara. Often times they will rely on CIA killers, Miami ex Cuban Mafia, predatory plutocrats, and former Cuban Oligarchs for their drivel.

    Luckily, If you are truly interested in the life of Che Guevara you can read the 800 + page ‘Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life’ by Jon Lee Anderson. It is seen as the comprehensive and definitive work on the iconic legend.


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