Reactions to the Opening Ceremony

NOTE: Not sharing Twitter handles to protect identities.¬† British Pride yayy Imperialism, Destroying 3rd World Lands This would be accurate if the black boy was to be stopped & searched by the police. Then shot & killed by the police¬†#olympicceremony Aww, they are getting nostalgic. The good ol’ coloniasist days This is what the opening…… Continue reading Reactions to the Opening Ceremony


My point on the Che Guevara statue in Galway

The head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida is, amazingly, telling the people of Galway to not erect a Che Guevara Memorial statue. Florida, I should note, is roughly 4,000 miles away from Galway. And Che, if you aren’t aware, has Irish roots with the Lynch family (of Galway). Now,…… Continue reading My point on the Che Guevara statue in Galway