Commentary: What the standard American bigot says about ‘the Jihad’

I woke up to this comment on my blog ‘Why the “Free” in Murfreesboro bugs me’:

The author of this blog is a naive, at best. Islam is a totalitarian ideology like Communism or, more closely related, Nazi-fascism. It controls every aspect of a Muslim’s life with Shari’ah Law. Ask Europe, the Mideast, Asia, Australia, Canada, and yes, our founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson who translated the Qur’an into English so that we, Americans, would know who these people are. Jefferson then proceeded to send the Marines to the “…shores of Tripoli,” where we forced Islam to sign a treaty with America. Jefferson discovered that Islam attacked and killed non-Muslims because the Qur’an tells them to do this very thing. The Muslim Brotherhood is this style of Islam, make no mistake about it. Ask the Christian Copts of Egypt, or the female reporters in any Islamic nation who are dressed like Americans or Europeans. Unless you are fine with Social Jihad funded by Shari’ah Compliant Finance (almost every American University and college), then wake up. Those Muslim friends of yours who are peaceful and Americanized will be killed right along with you unless they do what the Qur’an tells them to do. Their lies, taqiyya, enforced by the Muslim Brotherhood, are to promote Islam at all cost. They are extremely patient. The Mega-Mosque in Murfreesboro is considered the land of Islam and they will defend that land to the death. Wake up. Muslims produce 8 children sometimes via 4 women to our 1. This is their creeping jihad that slowly makes them the majority of any nation they inhabit. Become more educated in this area. See how this present administration embraces the Muslim Brotherhood, our Secretary of State bypassed Congress for the President to give them $1.5 billion of our money. If you listen to the mainstream media, then you only hear information that promotes Islam, like your blog. Our founding fathers knew then and we know now. Being American, you should know better.

To which I replied with:

Jack – glad you wrote something. Unfortunately, I don’t think you are knowledgeable enough to comment sanely on this topic. You are under the false assumption that ALL Muslims are extremists and that they follow a radical version of Islam. Clearly, you have not done your reading. Clearly, you do not know many Muslims. Clearly, these unfortunate developments have blinded you and filled your head and heart with hate. Sadly, there are many other Americans out there like yourself. I hope that you (and them) will read what I have to say here with an open mind. I think your Founding Fathers would appreciate that. I will not comment further on your remarks for the sake of sanity. Thank you!

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