What Makes an American Catholic Professor a Global Voice Speaking in Admiration of Prophet Muhammad?

Dr. Craig Considine speaks to Sally Mousa of Life Beats on Pulse 95 Radio in the United Arab Emirates about his personal journey and belief in Prophet Muhammad.

Racialization and Racism

Video: Prophet Muhammad – The World’s First Anti-Racist

Prophet Muhammad is recognized as the world’s first “anti-racist.” He knew racism was a disease of the heart and mind. He made it clear that no person is superior to another by virtue of race. He was the first person in history to assert that: “An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab… a white…… Continue reading Video: Prophet Muhammad – The World’s First Anti-Racist


Forgiveness in Arkansas – Forgiveness in Islam

This is quite the story of forgiveness, arguably one of the main teachings of the Islamic tradition (and Christianity for that matter). The story goes like this: Abraham Davis, 20, was caught on CCTV helping a friend vandalize the Masjid Al Salam in Fort Smith, Arkansas, with racist graffiti in October 2016. Davis was sentenced…… Continue reading Forgiveness in Arkansas – Forgiveness in Islam

Islam · Islamic State · Islamophobia

Jihad: Striving for Peace

Students in my “Muslims in American Society” course at Rice University have produced some excellent material to counter the Islamophobia industry. Here is the latest peace on dismantling the idea that “jihad means violence.” I highly recommend that you read the entire blog. A few passages to get you started… “I think all of us recognize…… Continue reading Jihad: Striving for Peace


Definitions of “Islamophobe”

For the last several months on Twitter, I have responded to Islamophobic comments by coming up with different definitions of an “Islamophobe.” Here is a compilation of my definitions. Leave your own definitions in the comment section. Perhaps in the future I can put together another post with all of your contributions. ****** Islamophobe (noun)…… Continue reading Definitions of “Islamophobe”

Islamic State

Research Shows ISIS and Boko Haram Don’t Know Anything About Islam

ISIS and Boko Haram are two of the world’s most notorious “radical Islamic groups.” You’ll rarely – if ever – hear about these groups without also seeing terms like Islam, Muslim, radical, jihad, Quran, extremism, and so on. ISIS and Boko Haram, we are told, represent “Islamic values” intertwined with a political dimension. New documents,…… Continue reading Research Shows ISIS and Boko Haram Don’t Know Anything About Islam

Islamic State

There Is Nothing “Islamic” About ISIS

Humanity is dying. ISIS fighters recently killed 19 Kurdish Yazidi women. They were burned alive in iron cages in one of the city squares in Mosul. These women were executed for refusing to have sex with ISIS militants. ISIS believes that it follows a “pure version” of Islam. They justify their crimes on the so-called…… Continue reading There Is Nothing “Islamic” About ISIS