Definitions of “Islamophobe”

For the last several months on Twitter, I have responded to Islamophobic comments by coming up with different definitions of an “Islamophobe.” Here is a compilation of my definitions. Leave your own definitions in the comment section. Perhaps in the future I can put together another post with all of your contributions.


Islamophobe (noun) – a person who hates nearly 1/4th of the global human population based on a set of lies pushed by racist hate mongers.

Islamophobe (noun) – a person who thinks that sharia is a uniform and static legal code interpreted the same way by all Muslims worldwide.

Islamophobe (noun) – a person who thinks that all 2,000,000,000 Muslims worldwide think, act and read in the same way.

Islamophobe (noun) – a person who loves the same verses of the Quran that ISIS loves.

Islamophobe (noun) – a person who condemns Islam for allegedly “spreading by the sword” while totally ignoring the fact that Christianity can be said to have spread the same way.

Islamophobe (noun) – a person who refuses to accept that hatred of Muslims isn’t racism because “Muslims aren’t a race” (I break that down on the Huffington Post).

Islamophobe (noun) – a person who thinks the Quran has a “basic teaching” that is understood and processed uniformly by all Muslims worldwide.

Islamophobe (noun) – a person who says “America is great because of its freedom,” but who also says “we should monitor all Muslims in the United States.”

Islamophobe (noun) – a person who actually thinks that Muslims are the only group of people capable of carrying out “terrorist” acts.

Islamophobe (noun) – a person who wrongly concludes that Islam is a monolith and unresponsive to new realities.

Islamophobe (noun) – a person who thinks ISIS is a “terrorist” organization, but the Ku Klux Klan isn’t.

Islamophobe (noun) – a person who cherry picks verses from a 1,400-year-old religious text out of its historical and literary context.

Islamophobe (noun) – a person who refuses to accept the notion that jihad has multiple non-violent components, choosing instead to say “jihad is violence.”

Islamophobe (noun) – a person who refers to killers like Dylan Roof as “mentally deranged”, but also refers to killers with “Muslim sounding names” as jihadists.

Islamophobe (noun) a person who argues that every Quranic verse is “abrogated” and then falsely concludes “Islam is the worst thing ever.”

Islamophobe (noun) – a person who is ruled by fear and who doesn’t have the courage to actually visit a mosque to talk to real human beings.

12 thoughts on “Definitions of “Islamophobe”

  1. Islamaphobe (noun) – A person who is the result of modern, ethnocentric, westerners trying to explain to their liking the Arabic Quran, Ahadīth, and Shariah from 7th century Arabia, with no study of their context, society, language, or explanations by scholars.

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  2. Islamaphobe (noun) – A person who spreads the idea that Muslims want to enforce Shariah law on westerners without realizing it is forbidden in Islam to do so.

    Islamaphobe (noun) – A person who believe terrorists (ISIS), who eat pork, take drugs, go to night clubs, don’t go to the Mosque, have boyfriends and girlfriends, fornicate, rape, burn people to death, and kill innocent people, including Muslims, (all things more or less forbidden in Islam) are a more accurate representation of Islam while simultaneously attacking Muslims for not wanting to eat pork, drink beer, along with other things westerners do.

    Islamaphobe (noun) – Propaganda machines of ISIS used to add evidence to their untrue claim that the West hates Islam.

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  3. Islamaphobe (noun) — a person who generalizes assuming all members of one group are all the same, who obsessively uses scapegoats, who is full of hate, and who avoids looking in the mirror.


  4. Islamophobes (and ‘Islamofools’) are people who have never had a one-on-one conversation with a Moslim, nor have a Moslim in their circle of friends, because if they did, they would not be fearful.

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  5. It is not a phobia. Liars are saying islamophobia. The people are wise disliking Quran followers. Muslims give guilt saying Islamaphobia. It is like people giving guilt about being nude saying people are indecent. The reaction is the same for both.

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    1. But much of Islam is living in the dark ages, so that’s where we have to go to understand it: the Quran. Everything else is commentary and excuses. I’d love to know what you think we’re missing.

      It’s not as if most Muslims are shy of telling us we don’t understand Islam; but so many Muslims disagree with each other. Quran 24:2 – I’ve had Muslims telling me:
      – yes, that’s the required punishment;
      – it applies only to Muslims so I needn’t worry.
      – It applies only in a Caliphate, so I needn’t worry right now, but a Caliphate is on its way.
      – you need 4 witnesses, which never happens, so it’s only a guide (and if I say what if they confess, then one of the others applies)
      – it’s a metaphor, it’s only a guide and doesn’t mean actual lashing

      I think Muslims are in the dark ages in believing it, and in their understanding of their own religion – stall haven’t sorted much of it out yet.

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  6. Islamofool – A non-Muslim telling other non-Muslims they don’t understand Islam.

    Islamofool – A Muslim telling a non-Muslim they shouldn’t talk about the religion because they are not Muslims; while telling non-believers how they are so bad they are destined for hell.

    Islamofool – Someone that explains the error of treating Islam as a monolith, by starting an article explaining how diverse Islam is and Muslims are; then goes one to explain why we need a monolithic treatment of all Muslims as if they were a race.

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  7. I’ll attempt speculative deconstruction. What we have here, as uttered in “Cool Hand Luke” by the prison warden is “a failure to communicate”, the threat of violence against the inmates implied and understood. British exit from EU was culturally/racially motivated, the tolerance tipping point part economic and part cultural (Home Team national identity erosion through Islamic violence and political aggression). Competing cultural “narratives” and “social constructions” demonstrate plurality of life, not singularity. Pluralities in conflict, the non-physical combatants warring with words (politics=war by other means) as preventive alternative to physical violence.

    Islamophobia is intended to become a new politically correct “N” word, a kryptonite weapon to disarm and attack the white race and Western civilization, Enlightenment, Modern thought. If the state or a culture threatens one not to say a word, the intent is to police thought and disable critical thinking – to create new social norms preferable by a changing majority. One either submits (the goal of violent Islam) or retaliates with a competing culture war. One either allows another migrant culture to dominate and usurp its native culture, or not. Western secular culture enabled classical liberalism, free speech, angry debate, and cerebral discourse, without fear of state sanctioned violence in retaliation.

    General observation regarding religious motivations/causations: Individuals/groups consciously or unconsciously (self-aware or not) have justified true belief in One God as a Singularity (transcendent – outside time, space, and causality, and immanent – inside time, space, causality. Nothing happens outside of God’s will – predeterminism trumps free will). Chosen people/country/in-groups have preferences, innate and learned conflicted desires for both peace and violence with linkage to self-identity. Life is competition and winning. Might is right. What culture will emerge, dominate and influence, and will it endure or decay?

    In theory, the three Monotheistic Singularities (non-sequitur) are in conflict with Itself (schizophrenia) if God as a Singularity is real. What? Impossible! Why? Because it is said God (Good) is not the author of confusion. Therefore violent causations must be attributable to some “Other” invisible Alpha Male animal-horned deity that went rogue. A Devil, etc. who transmits thoughts into human heads to influence an unknown to be determined chosen free-will outcome bet with God (Book of Job). This is the implication of the narrative if one chooses not to gag on a metaphor. The outcome is unknown, however also known (see Retrocausality).

    The three Monotheisms make truth claim interpretations about reality motivated by competing originary tribe-narratives involving child-sacrifice (Abraham-Isaac OR Abraham-Ishmael). Jesus ascended to heaven from the Mount of Olives and will return in like manner. Muhammed ascended to heaven from Dome of the Rock, and will return (competing interpretations/variations on theme). Faith is bound up with self-identity, so to risk dissociation or expulsion is a crisis event most people avoid through conformity. However this crisis occurred in the West resulting in secularist government, existentialism, nihilism, absurdism, etc. Separation of church and state enabled religious freedom and tolerance after many years of self-inflicted Christian violence against itself (a house divided against itself shall not stand). Western secularist liberality is now being challenged to crisis state by growth of an Outsider, violent Islam. Western civilization, as much as cultural Marxists hate it, is revolting against violent Islamic intrusion and politically correct aggression. Trigger words like Islamophobia are slowly being recognized for what they are by the Competition.

    I’m in favor of co-existence (like the t-shirt with all the religion brands). That includes toleration of thoughts of love and hate. Use and think any word you like or don’t like including “N”, Islamophobia and your choice of white slurs (see link from Racial Slur Database).

    Don’t get thought constipated – get it out. However, refrain from violence. I don’t have to like you and you don’t have to like me. That might represent the beginning of respect. Individuals from different races that bond are permitted to use these trigger words. It demonstrates acceptance.

    What is the source of thought? How do you get one? How do you stop yourself from thinking one? I bet you can’t. Thoughts are just there. Are they yours? Are you responsible for them? Or did an invisible spirit transmit them? Or both? Regardless of source, the car must be driven through self-control.

    The stakes are high for humus – humanity. Learn to steer together or experience extinction.

    The Buddhist walks up to the hot dog vendor and tells him to “make me one with everything.”

    The hot dog vendor makes the Buddhist a hot dog with everything on it.

    The Buddhist then gives the hot dog vendor a twenty dollar bill.

    After a few minutes of waiting, the Buddhist asks, …. “Where’s my change?”

    The hot dog vendor smiles and says, “Ahh, change must come from within.”


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