“The Forefront of Zion:” Video of Israeli Colonization of East Jerusalem

Mondoweiss writes:

You will see the billboard for an Israeli settlement right below us being built inside the Palestinian neighborhood of Jebel  Muhaber. The billboard features an appeal for American Jews to buy here. The colony is called Nof Zion, the vista of Zion.

At 2:08 you will see the black barrels on the tops of Palestinian homes alongside Israeli colonies with no such tanks — because the Israelis have all the water they need, and the Palestinians only get it a few times a week.

At 2:44 or so Halper points out Abu Dis, the supposed Palestinian capital of a dreamed Palestinian state, behind the wall on the right.

At 3:20 he points out a new Jewish colony being built on a hillside at the east side of these Palestinian neighborhoods, called the “Forefront of Zion.”

At 5:28 Halper points out the supposed Palestinian parliament building, on the other side of the wall.

You will hear Halper describe 3 or 4 colonies before our eyes. Some of them are built and growing, some are just started.

Halper describes the Israeli effort to bring more Jewish colonists in by building a modern road so they don’t have to go through Palestinian neighborhoods. The road will connect the Old City to Ma’ale Adumim, the city-settlement deep in the West Bank, and connect all the colonies we see before us.

This is the reality in Israel and Palestine: complete Israeli control over the territory, and the calculated colonization of that territory by Jews, so as to solidify Jewish control of Jerusalem. The Israeli capital.

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