Negligent Pakistani Government Displaces 455,000 People With Reckless Military Adventure

Map: Civilians flee North Waziristan
Map: Civilians flee North Waziristan (Source: CNN)

A mass exodus of Pakistanis is now underway in North Waziristan after the Pakistani army launched a massive operation against militants who oppose the state.

The Pakistani army has called its operation “The Strike of the Prophet’s Sword.” I think Muhammad would be insulted that the army has used his name in an offensive that has caused misery and hardship for such a large number of innocent people.

Few governments in the world are as negligent and reckless as the Pakistani government. The basic task of any state is to care for its people and provide them with fundamental things such as shelter, water, and food. Sometimes it feels that the Pakistani government can’t even cover this ground.

A humanitarian crisis is ensuing. Even worse is that it’s happening during Ramadan, the Islamic holy month.


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