Former Senator Alleges FBI Covered Up Saudi Role in 9/11

Source: secretsofthefed.com
Source: secretsofthefed.com

As I noted yesterday in a post, there is growing rumblings in Washington and around the country that the US government covered up the role that the Saudi Arabian government played in the 9/11 attacks.

An article by 10 News in Sarasota, Florida, adds to the growing chorus in noting the charge of former Senator Bob Graham, who claims that “There was a network supporting the hijackers.”

10 News writes:

According to Graham, the FBI has been covering up that fact for years, and continues to try and hide it even now. Graham says he is convinced there was a direct line between some of the terrorists who carried out the September 11th attacks and the government of Saudi Arabia.

Graham says the U.S. government doesn’t want the American public to find out the Saudis financed the attack, because we provide billions in military aid to Saudi Arabia.

The US is now teaming with the Saudis in the war against Islamic State, which is connected to the Saudi government. The whole thing sounds fishy. Is the US working with the Saudis and Islamic State to further destabilize Syria and Iraq. Is their ultimate aim to topple the Iranian regime?

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