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19th/20th Century Pictures of Tivoli Terrace, Lisdoonvarna

I went to the Valuation Office in Dublin yesterday for the second time in a week. I pulled up records in relation to where my great, great-grandfather lived after he left our older home in Ardeamush, Lisdoonvarna. I posted about that home here.

Michael Considine (b.1861) lived in a place called Tivoli Terrace on Main St. in the townland of Rathbaun, Lisdoonvarna. My documents state that he lived in the old home of John Larkin, whose widowed wife, Bridget, ended up marrying Michael. Michael and Bridget lived in room ‘J’ of the Terrace. They are said to have been ‘Head of Yard’. I’m not entirely sure what that means.

My great-grandfather, Michael Francis (b.1884), and his brother, John (b.1890), grew up in this home. I’m fairly certain that room ‘J’ was at the end of the terrace, next to the big hotel.

You can see pictures of my great grandfather Michael Francis here.

I’m heading out to Clare in a few weeks so I’ll be sure to check it out and film it all. Here are some pictures of Tivoli Terrace which I pulled up from Clare Library.



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