When English Puritans Burned Down Our Irish Catholic Church

Here is a video I produced in the summer of 2014. It relates to my Irish ancestral homeland, near Lisdoonvarna, the Cliffs of Moher, and the shores of the wild Atlantic Ocean. The video shows me in Killilagh Parish speaking on the history of Killilagh. The church was probably made in the 1400s.

During the 17th century a radical group of English Christians – the Puritans – ravaged their way throughout Ireland, destroying nearly everything in sight. The Puritans wanted to eradicate Catholicism from the Emerald Isle by burning old Catholic churches, such as Killilagh, and by banning the practice of Catholicism altogether.

These radical measures did not deter the Irishmen and women from practicing their Catholicism. Local legend states that a Catholic priest would travel, house-to-house, with bread, water and wine to conduct Mass, in private. It is very likely that my Considine ancestors experienced these processes.

On a side note, I am working on a piece which explores Puritanism and Wahhabism and how they treat other religious groups. How do you compare the two?



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