Israel and the U.S. Use Depleted Uranium in Gaza, Syria and Iraq

The Jerusalem Post reported yesterday that the Israeli military used depleted uranium against Syrians. Depleted uranium is used in nuclear reactors, making it a toxic and dangerous radioactive weapon. A Syrian military leader witnessed the impact of this toxin. He stated: “When the explosion happened it felt like an earthquake, then a giant golden mushroom of fire appeared. This tells us that Israel used depleted uranium shells.” In 2009 the Jerusalem Post also noted Israel’s use of depleted uranium against Palestinians in Gaza.

Israel’s closely ally, the U.S, downplays their use of depleted uranium on the U.S. Department of Public Health website.

The U.S. military uses tank armor and some bullets made with depleted uranium (DU) to penetrate enemy armored vehicles, and began using DU on a large scale during the Gulf War.

The process of manufacturing enriched uranium from natural uranium used in nuclear reactors or weapons leaves “depleted” uranium. DU has 40 percent less radioactivity, but the same chemical toxicity as natural uranium.

In August 2013 I wrote an article that documented the effect of depleted uranium on Iraqi civilians in Fallujah. Fallujans are still experiencing a high rate of congenital malformations which has surpassed that of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese cities which were destroyed by American nuclear bombs in 1945.

I am sharing these developments with you because the major media corporations have refused to discuss our own crimes against humanity.

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