Media Silence as Chief Rabbi of Israel Calls for Execution of Palestinians

Chief Rabbi of Safed Shmuel Eliyahu of Israel recently called for the executions of Palestinians on his Facebook page. His argument: kill Palestinians in order to establish safety in Israel.

“Israel army has to stop arresting Palestinians… it must execute them and leave no one alive.” Those are Eliyahu’s exact words. He sounds like Hitler, albeit in a different context.

Considering Eliyahu is a member of the Chief Rabbinate Council of Israel, he pulls considerable weight. You wonder if his peers have the same type of violent mentality, which is very dangerous. And genocidal.

I looked around the Internet to see if mainstream media outlets had any coverage of the Chief Rabbi’s call to murder Palestinian civilians. I found nothing. The media silence is truly deafening. Nothing on CNN. Nothing on FOX. Nothing on the BBC. Why?

Certainly, the intensity of coverage would be much different if it was a Muslim leader calling for the execution of Jews in Israel in order to establish safety for the Ummah. Apparently, some fatwas (or religious rulings) are okay while others are not. Jewish fatwas are fine, but Muslim ones? No way.

It also appears that certain theocratic governments are okay, but others are not. In previous years, Eliyahu has called for a “religious” Prime Minister of Israel. His argument: too many Israeli leaders are “without faith… without credibility… [and] without values.” Basically, there is no outrage when rabbis call for a “Jewish theocracy.” However, when an imam calls for a “Muslim state,” not only are the imams condemned, but they see their land invaded by secular imperialists. All in the name of “freedom.”

The double standards are real. Very real.

2 thoughts on “Media Silence as Chief Rabbi of Israel Calls for Execution of Palestinians

  1. This story on Press TV, the English language station owned by the Iranian state, was sourced from the Palestinian News Network:

    Neither of them are known for their objective reporting on Israel so obviously anyone would dig further before accepting the story as the truth.

    Dr Considine did and found nothing. To him though this was proof of a cover up in the Western Media and double standards.

    I also searched further and found nothing. But I did find these two remarkably similar stories from a few months ago, and which the Jerusalem Post had no compunction in publishing.

    Could it be that the Press TV/PNN story is a fabrication, just a rehash of old news and that is why there has been no press coverage?

    What do you think?


  2. I think that Dr Craig’s Jewhate is apparent. His admiration for Islam is cheapened by his anti Semitism. Free speech means that reprehensible people can speak their minds. Oh, and a nation of laws has limits to free speech with antiIncitement laws.


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