Pre-Order “The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View”

The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View by Dr. Craig Considine


The publication of The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View has been postponed due to the coronavirus.

Originally scheduled to be published on May 1st, 2020, the book is now likely available in August 2020. God willing.

Here is the book’s description:

“What makes an American Catholic of Irish and Italian descent one of the leading global voices in admiration of Prophet Muhammad? In this overview of Muhammad’s life and legacy, prominent scholar Craig Considine provides a sociological analysis of Muhammad’s teachings and example. Considine shows how the Prophet embraced religious pluralism, envisioned a civic nation, stood for anti-racism, advocated for seeking knowledge, initiated women’s rights, and followed the Golden Rule. Considine sheds light on the side of Prophet Muhammad that is often forgotten in mainstream depictions and media narratives. The Humanity of Muhammad is Considine’s contribution to the growing body of literature on one of history’s most important human beings.”

And here is praise for The Humanity of Muhammad:

“It is certain that the most dangerous shared enemy of ours is ignorance. Hence the Holy Qur’an emphasizes on the importance of knowledge. And that includes the imminent importance of ‘ta’aruf” (knowing one another). I am deeply thankful and highly appreciative of the inclusive thoughts Dr. Craig has demonstrated and continues to promote. His honesty in his scholarly pursuit, I assume, is widely challenged by his own community of faith. In this book once again he demonstrates his openness, inclusiveness and his sincere and honest view about our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. That Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is truly a role model for our pursuit of peace, justice and happiness for our common humanity.” – Imam Shamsi Ali, Spiritual Leader of Jamaica Muslim Center, President of Nusantara Foundation

“I was impressed that Craig begins his book by talking about the persecution of Christians in Muslim-majority countries as a backdrop to what Muhammad’s message really is, opening up the difficult conversation that he proposes. It is a few steps from here to the Christian delegation that Muhammad welcomed to his mosque in Medina and the early Muslim delegation which took refuge with the Christian king of Abyssinia. This book is a reminder that Muhammad’s vision was of diverse religious communities living side by side in peace and harmony.” – Julian Bond, Former Director of the Christian Muslim Forum, United Kingdom

“In today’s world, we need bridge builders and peacemakers. Dr. Considine’s book is timely and needed in order to create a better understanding between those who don’t know much about Islam and its Prophet and their Muslim neighbors. The book tackles important topics that are well-chosen and necessary if we are to replace ignorance with knowledge and hatred with love. I found the information accurate and based on our best available references. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to seriously learn about Prophet Muhammad and who wants to draw from the gifts of wisdom and enlightenment that the Prophet brought into humanity.” – Safi Kaskas, Co-author of The Qur’an, A Contemporary Understanding, with References to the Bible

“Since the tragic attacks of September 11, 2001, Americans have been fed a steady diet of Islamophobia. Through media, social media, and even the pulpits of American churches, Muslims have transformed into the ‘other’ and rendered incompatible with the ‘Judeo-Christian’ worldview and the secular values of Western civilization. My work with the Muslims of the World platform has been an effort to counteract this ‘Clash of Civilizations’ treatment of Muslims. But critical scholarship on this issue, particularly by Christian and Jewish scholars is also vital to turn back the tide of Islamophobia. Muslims are in desperate need of Christian allies who are free of the racist and xenophobic effects of virulent Islamophobia and examined Islam and the life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, with historical honesty and academic rigor. Professor Craig Considine’s The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View is the fruit of such scholarship. The result of Professor Considine’s work is a reclaiming of the view that there is in fact a Judeo-Christian-Muslim theologic tradition and that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was an egalitarian and an advocate of religious pluralism. Additionally, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was deeply committed to the creation of just societies devoid of racism. Professor Considine does a wonderful job of analyzing the actual historical events of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) through the lens of sociology and making the case for his embrace of his Christian neighbors and egalitarian worldview. It is a remarkable academic effort to help bring an end to the dangerous worldview of those who view Islam as a threat to the Judeo-Christian tradition and the values of Western civilization. The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View is a well-researched, well-written invitation to instead begin an authentic Dialogue of Civilizations.” – Sajjad Shah, Founder of Muslims of the World, Author of Muslims of the World

“Craig Considine’s The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View provides a welcome antidote to the hostility towards Islam and Muslims that permeates popular sentiment. His is a very sympathetic account of the compatibility between Islam and the civic values of pluralism, equality, education and social justice. By opening our hearts and minds to Muslims, Christians might have something to learn, and much that we can do together to make for a better world.” – Father Dr. Patrick McInerney, Director of the Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations in Australia


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