Irish Catholic Professor’s Take on Prophet Muhammad

Source: PR Web

Craig Considine is a professor of Christian-Muslim relations and religious pluralism. An American Catholic of Irish and Italian descent, his personal journey in the pursuit of knowledge led him to study the Islamic faith and contemporary Christian-Muslim relations. He travels throughout the world discussing the similarities, as opposed to differences, that Christianity and Islam have. Central to his thought is the idea that our societies must move beyond simply tolerating other faiths and must embrace pluralism that is inclusive of them. He aims to do his part through his activism and education.

The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View examines Prophet Muhammad, Islam’s central and oft misunderstood figure, from the perspective of a devote Christian. Considine is uncompromising in his words as he embraces Prophet Muhammad for his virtue while not forgetting his own Christian roots. In fact, they are front and center throughout his assessments.

Craig Considine has examined a myriad of Christian and Islamic sources and anecdotes, ranging from the holy Qur’an to 11th century Sicily, to get a deep understanding of Islam’s core tenets and how they have been put into practice in order to properly interpret them from a Christian perspective. The Humanity of Muhammad is a window into Islamic theology and virtue that non-Muslims can appreciate and identify with. Its sincerity and passion, which stems from Considine’s genuine desire to spread harmony throughout the world, is infectious and will leave readers feeling motivated and hopeful. It is an ideal resource for Christians that wish to understand Islam better.

Craig Considine is a scholar, professor, global speaker, media contributor, and public intellectual based at the Department of Sociology at Rice University.

Title: The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View
ISBN-13: 9781682065297
180 pages, $16.95, July 2020
Distributed by: NBN – National Book Network

Praise for The Humanity of Muhammad

“In this book once again Dr. Considine demonstrates his openness, inclusiveness and his sincere and honest view about our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. That Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is truly a role model for our pursuit of peace, justice and happiness for our common humanity.”
—Imam Shamsi Ali
Spiritual Leader of Jamaica Muslim Center
President of Nusantara Foundation

“I was impressed that Craig begins his book by talking about the persecution of Christians in Muslim-majority countries as a backdrop to what Muhammad’s message really is, opening up the difficult conversation that he proposes.”
—Julian Bond
Former Director of the Christian Muslim Forum, United Kingdom

“In today’s world, we need bridge builders and peacemakers. Dr. Considine’s book is timely and needed in order to create a better understanding between those who don’t know much about Islam and its Prophet and their Muslim neighbors. The book tackles important topics that are well-chosen and necessary if we are to replace ignorance with knowledge and hatred with love.”
— Safi Kaskas
Co-author of The Qur’an, A Contemporary Understanding, with References to the Bible

It is a remarkable academic effort to help bring an end to the dangerous worldview of those who view Islam as a threat to the Judeo-Christian tradition and the values of Western Civilization. The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View is a well-researched, well-written invitation to instead begin an authentic Dialogue of Civilizations.
—Sajjad Shah
Founder of Muslims of the World
Author of Muslims of the World

“Craig Considine’s The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View provides a welcome antidote to the hostility towards Islam and Muslims that permeates popular sentiment. His is a very sympathetic account of the compatibility between Islam and the civic values of pluralism, equality, education and social justice. By opening our hearts and minds to Muslims, Christians might have something to learn, and much that we can do together to make for a better world.”
—Rev. Dr. Patrick McInerney
Director of the Columbian Centre for
Christian-Muslim Relations in Australia


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