Racist Attacks Against Pakistanis in Dublin Must Stop

Racial harassment, discrimination, and violence against Pakistanis in Dublin has spiraled out of control. Last week, Al-Minnah Foods, a halal food store in Cookstown Industrial Estate, was ransacked at night. Images of the ransacking, which were posted on Facebook, show graffiti, including the words ‘Pakis out’ and ‘Niggrs out’, on white walls in the store.…… Continue reading Racist Attacks Against Pakistanis in Dublin Must Stop


Music: Abida Parveen’s ‘Bulleh Shah’

This is a fantastic live performance by a very powerful character. I love how she uses her arms to communicate her expression. I also ask you to follow the lyrics when they appear because they are very beautiful.

Fieldwork · Religion

Religification of Pakistani-American youth

Note: Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher’s research here is quite similar to my own.  I want to share with you her important findings. One of Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher’s explications examines a cultural production process called religification, in which religious affiliation, rather than race or ethnicity, has become the core category of identity for working class Pakistani-American youth in the United…… Continue reading Religification of Pakistani-American youth


A gross double-standard

When Afghan or Pakistani civilians are murdered by drone strikes, US bangs on about ‘collateral damage’, but when Syrian civilians are murdered by Assad regime/militias, US cries about ‘war crimes’. Let’s not forget that a war crime is a war crime is a war crime, regardless of the context in which war crimes are committed.…… Continue reading A gross double-standard


My forthcoming publication in Metro Éireann

I’m excited that Metro Éireann is publishing my article on the story of my Pakistani friend here in Dublin.  The article is set to be published on May 1st. Below is some information cut and pasted from Wikipedia. Metro Éireann is Ireland’s multicultural newspaper. It is published by Metro Publishing and Consultancy Limited. The tabloid-format paper was established by…… Continue reading My forthcoming publication in Metro Éireann