Poem: Pub lesson

Listen to others. Keep your mind open to new ideas. But when you know someone is wrong, pounce on that. Explain to them why they’re wrong. Don’t hold back. Show no mercy to inferior thoughts. You’ve your mind, your convictions. At the end of the day, what else do you have? No point in wasting…… Continue reading Poem: Pub lesson


Music/video: Irish man plays the tin whistle

Taken at a quaint pub in late May 2012.  We were in Glencolumbkille. It is a tradition for all newcomers to sing or share a poem in the sing-a-long. I sang ‘What’s Left of the Flag’ by Flogging Molly. Mel sang along with all. Great craic!


Personal: The time my Ma and Dad went to Ireland (circa 1980)

My Ma just showed me the journal that she kept along the ride.  Notice as well some of the great pictures.  My favourite is the one of the two Irish men with the bicycle.  Interestingly, my parents visited Trinity College Dublin (where I now teach and research).  One of the pictures is where I often…… Continue reading Personal: The time my Ma and Dad went to Ireland (circa 1980)