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Video of Shaq on Boston Culture

Screen shot from "The Association"
Screen shot from “The Association”

“Somebody asked me one time do I like that [Boston] puts a lot of pressure on its athletes. I don’t look at it like that. I look at it like it’s a city that’s used to winning, used to winning big. And we want more. We all want more … You got a bowl of clam chowder, I want another bowl. You want some shrimp, I want some sushi. We want it all. You want to go to Harvard, I want to go to MIT. You want to study chemistry, I want to study biology. You want a doctorate, I want another doctorate in psychology. We just want more here in Boston. Pahk the cah in the Hahvahd yahd … We want it all.”

Watch Shaq starting at 2:31:

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